The Magnificent Course On Stress

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Self Care Isn't Selfish

This is a brief course designed to teach the basics about stress, stress management, and self-care techniques. The downloadable activities are created to help us take an objective look at the stress we have in our lives and how to take action to reduce our overall stress and take care of ourselves better in the process.


  1. Types of Stress & Basic Information About Stress
  2. Good & Bad Stress
  3. How Stress Shows Up In Our Lives
  4. Managing Problematic Stress


  1. Stress In My Life Activity
  2. Wheel Of Stress Activity (version 1 & 2)
  3. Meditation Activity

After completing this course, students will have a better understanding of the different types of stress and how they uniquely show up in our lives. Furthermore, the three activities will help the student begin to change habbits to help promote long-lasting incremental life changes.

It's impossible to work on all the stress we have in our lives, so the basic idea with these activities and lessons is to choose one specific stress that is taking the most time, energy, and focus away from our present lives and focus on improving one small area of our lives at a time instead of having to affect change across all of our stressors.

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