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A little more about us and how we got started.

Kevin Ringstaff, Co-Founder

Kevin Ringstaff


Kevin is a student of grief. He's training to be a hospital chaplain and he currently writes, listens, and speaks about grief to anyone who is willing. He got into this business years ago now after suffering his own losses and now helps others by compassionately listening to their stories of love and loss. He also speaks in the third person.

Jenny Dilts, Co-Founder

Jenny Dilts


Jenny supports people through the complexities of Grief by creating a safe and non-judgemental space where people can feel calm amidst the storm. She encourages others to lean into Grief and helps them not to “get over” grief, but to “get to know” their grief. She is certified as a Grief, End of Life, and Life Coach through Coaching at End of Life.

Our Companies

These are our other companies that we've put our hearts and souls into. 



Community and support for the loss of a pet.

At PetCloud, we host virtual support groups that meet throughout the week to provide critical grief support when YOU need it. Grief strikes during the day without warning. Knowing you have people who you can contact provides comfort, understanding, validation, and perhaps a measure of peace during your journey through grief.

Grieving Coach

Grieving Coach

Grief is all around us. It touches everyone. And it doesn't have to be from death. The losses could include jobs, relationships, expectations, identity...

I seek to help bridge the gap between the stereotypical definition of grief as "the feeling that comes when a close loved one dies" and 'the natural experience that unfolds from loss or change'. In the journey with my clients I offer a nonjudgmental space for them to come as they are, grieve in their own way, and convert grief into growth.

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